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Custom Glass Shower Doors Sierra Vista – Choosing The Right One For You

Shower doors in Sierra Vista come in several different designs, not to mention finishes. Choosing the right one may seem like a choice best made by random selection. However, this article will give you a few pointers to help you choose the right shower door.

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Choice #1: Framed or frameless?

Shower doors come with or without metal frames. Those without metal frames are made of thick glass, and do not need a frame for support. Framed shower doors, on the other hand, are made from thinner glass that requires the extra support of a metal frame, which is especially common in Sierra Vista.

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Frameless shower doors have several distinct advantages over framed shower doors. First of all, the lack of a metal frame means there are fewer places to catch water and / or to grow mold, mildew, etc. Secondly, frameless shower doors have a sleek, refined visual appeal that framed doors don’t have.

Choice #2: Bi-fold, pivot, or sliding?

Shower doors are also available with different methods of opening and shutting them.

Sliding doors are probably the most common design. They are design for half of the door to slide behind the other half to open. The disadvantage to this design is that it doesn’t work well with shower stalls, due to the width it requires.

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Pivoting shower doors open just like a standard door does. The disadvantage to this style is obvious – it requires enough space in the room to swing open.

Bi Fold shower doors are somewhat of a compromise between the first two designs. They don’t require width, nor do they require a lot of space in the room to open up into.

Choice #3: Finish

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If you choose a framed shower door, you’ll have to choose a finish for the metal, too. Most of the time for Sierra Vista homes, you’ll want to choose a finish that matches the finish of your other bathroom fixtures.

Modernity Comes With Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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Nowadays, bathrooms in modern houses are built not just so you could take a bath or to relieve yourself, but also as a place to escape and relax. Decorative elements are placed inside the bathroom to make it a private haven, and one important element is the shower door. Being a room where you could take your baths, the bathroom's focal point is the shower. Installing beautiful frameless glass shower doors can make the shower room its own area, thus making the shower curtain obsolete in this modernizing world. Below are some reasons why you need to incorporate frameless door into your bathroom. A lot of homeowners are looking at their bathrooms a tad bit differently these days. They are moving away from the traditional looks and are leaning towards modern designs; some wanting to turn their bathrooms into spa-like spaces and more modern shower designs are incorporated in this growing trend. This door has a beautiful, ultra contemporary look that a lot of homeowners love. Unlike the constricted look of framed shower doors, not only do they have a sleek design but that also give bathrooms an open and spacious feel. Another reason why many homeowners are making the switch is that frameless glass shower doors are not only beautiful, but they are also easy to clean. Framed doors are known for developing icky and unsightly mold and mildew between the glass and frame, which can be really hard to clean. This problem is diminished with sleek design, which can be easily cleaned with some soap and water. Some homeowners question if frameless glass shower doors are safe. Fortunately, many door manufacturers really take this into consideration when developing their products. Since they are composed of thick safety glass, they are no more likely to shatter than regular door. The glass does not break into lethal shards; instead, the glass door breaks into a million tiny pieces with rounded edges. Besides, the glass will unlikely break in any situations of minor impacts as it is tempered to withstand fairly strong impacts. Frameless glass shower doors are smooth to look at as well as easy to use. The door itself will glide back and forth easily, and stepping into the shower will feel like stepping into your very own sauna bath. Showers sooth, heal, and rejuvenate, and they eliminate the worry of having to trip over a frame. Not only are frameless glass shower doors cleaner, better to look at and easier to install, but they are a lot safer too.

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