Glass Shower Doors – 4 Things To Consider When You Install Glass Shower Doors

There are many advantages to choosing a shower door for your bathroom. Glass shower doors increase stability of the shower, enhance shower experience, and last much longer than shower curtains. There are many options available for glass shower doors and there is certainly a type of shower door that can suit your needs.

semi frameless shower door

Types of shower doors Shower doors are classified into two major groups: Framed, and frameless. The classification is determined by the amount of aluminum framing that is present around the glass paneling. Framed shower doors can add a dramatic touch to a shower, while frameless doors are very streamline.

Type of glass Glass chosen for a frameless shower door is very important since it is the focal point. Thickness of glass adds stability and better appearance. Typically glass size is 1/2”, 3/8”, and 1/4”. There are also a great number of tempered glass options including things like antique, rain, embossed, etched, and tinted, that add style and class to your shower door.

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Types of finishes Proper color and décor coordination is essential for a proper looking shower door installation. Shower door manufacturers have over 40 different colors and finishes. Solid brass finishes are available in polished or antiqued brass, polished or brushed chrome, and nickel and gold. Anodized finishes are also available in gold, nickel, and silver finishes. Paint finishes are available in numerous designer colors sure to fit your color scheme or décor.

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Glass Shower doors are a great investment that adds value to a home, and elegance to a bathroom. They can be simple, and just enough to improve showering, or elegant, extravagant, and a focal point to be proud of.

Custom Glass Shower Doors

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Okay, we have been talking about switching your shower curtains into a more sustainable material like frameless glass shower doors. Probably you have already found some ideas about it and take it as an option. Yet you still haven't made up your mind. Well, what you feel is normal for most homeowners. Homeowners like you would want the best for their homes because a home is where you could lavishly expose your social status by having eye-catching designs and interiors. But there's more to worrying about your social status. Glass shower doors not only rank you up socially, but also it gives you a lot of advantages as a homeowner yourself. We all want style with a mix of comfort and convenience. And these kind of doors can give you what you exactly need. Here are some of the main advantages why frameless glass shower doors are good for your bathroom: 1. Safety Accidents at home often happen in bathrooms because of its slippery nature from shower waters. Switching to a frameless glass door could avoid all that because water splashes are contained only within the shower area. Leaks are at minimum amount so you are assured that the whole bathroom floor outside your shower area is still dry and safe. 2. Care and Maintenance Just compare cleaning a shower curtain and a glass door and decide which takes you more time. The benefit a frameless door gives you is that cleaning is easy. There is no frame where mold and mildew tends to stick on to. Wiping and brushing takes less time because dirt easily slides down the glass once wet. 3. Enhanced Space Area Glass makes a room look wider and bigger rather than using opaque divisions. So even if you have a small bathroom, it appears to be spacious allowing a more comfortable and relaxing feel. Being able to move around within your bathroom is a big plus also for visitors who come to your house. 4. Increased Social Value As said earlier, modern designs include using glass art and design in bathrooms. In case you decided to rent or sell out your house, there is an added value to it because of your modern interior designing which includes your modern glass bathroom door. So with the above advantages, why not choose frameless glass shower doors? Investing for a good door is just as worth it as investing in a stock market. It is always risky when you do not know if it's right for you. But if it works out, it is very rewarding.