Glass Shower Doors – 4 Things To Consider When You Install Glass Shower Doors

There are many advantages to choosing a shower door for your bathroom. Glass shower doors increase stability of the shower, enhance shower experience, and last much longer than shower curtains. There are many options available for glass shower doors and there is certainly a type of shower door that can suit your needs.

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Types of shower doors Shower doors are classified into two major groups: Framed, and frameless. The classification is determined by the amount of aluminum framing that is present around the glass paneling. Framed shower doors can add a dramatic touch to a shower, while frameless doors are very streamline.

Type of glass Glass chosen for a frameless shower door is very important since it is the focal point. Thickness of glass adds stability and better appearance. Typically glass size is 1/2”, 3/8”, and 1/4”. There are also a great number of tempered glass options including things like antique, rain, embossed, etched, and tinted, that add style and class to your shower door.

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Types of finishes Proper color and décor coordination is essential for a proper looking shower door installation. Shower door manufacturers have over 40 different colors and finishes. Solid brass finishes are available in polished or antiqued brass, polished or brushed chrome, and nickel and gold. Anodized finishes are also available in gold, nickel, and silver finishes. Paint finishes are available in numerous designer colors sure to fit your color scheme or décor.

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Glass Shower doors are a great investment that adds value to a home, and elegance to a bathroom. They can be simple, and just enough to improve showering, or elegant, extravagant, and a focal point to be proud of.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors: The Modern Doors

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Installing a frameless shower door in your home entails quite a number of steps, whether you're doing it yourself or you're having someone else install it for you. It can be easy to get lost in all the different things that need to be considered, from choosing a particular door, to having something custom built, to actually making sure that the door will work in your bathroom space, all the way to the actual installation and afterwards. It can be easy unfortunately to miss out on one or two things which may seem to be fairly trivial but in the end could cause quite a bit of regret, once the installation is over and it's already difficult to undo previous decision.

One other thing which needs to be emphasized is measuring everything well. This is almost more of a general tip anyway for any piece of construction or installation, but it takes on even greater importance when installing something that's made up mostly of glass, sometimes just one piece of glass in fact. Measurements when done well will help ensure that moisture and water will not leak out, so it's clear that this step cannot be ignored.