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Custom Glass Shower Doors Kingman – Choosing The Right One For You

Shower doors in Kingman come in several different designs, not to mention finishes. Choosing the right one may seem like a choice best made by random selection. However, this article will give you a few pointers to help you choose the right shower door.

frameless shower

Choice #1: Framed or frameless?

Shower doors come with or without metal frames. Those without metal frames are made of thick glass, and do not need a frame for support. Framed shower doors, on the other hand, are made from thinner glass that requires the extra support of a metal frame, which is especially common in Kingman.

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Frameless shower doors have several distinct advantages over framed shower doors. First of all, the lack of a metal frame means there are fewer places to catch water and / or to grow mold, mildew, etc. Secondly, frameless shower doors have a sleek, refined visual appeal that framed doors don’t have.

Choice #2: Bi-fold, pivot, or sliding?

Shower doors are also available with different methods of opening and shutting them.

Sliding doors are probably the most common design. They are design for half of the door to slide behind the other half to open. The disadvantage to this design is that it doesn’t work well with shower stalls, due to the width it requires.

frameless shower doors

Pivoting shower doors open just like a standard door does. The disadvantage to this style is obvious – it requires enough space in the room to swing open.

Bi Fold shower doors are somewhat of a compromise between the first two designs. They don’t require width, nor do they require a lot of space in the room to open up into.

Choice #3: Finish

glass shower doors

If you choose a framed shower door, you’ll have to choose a finish for the metal, too. Most of the time for Kingman homes, you’ll want to choose a finish that matches the finish of your other bathroom fixtures.

5 Benefits of a Frameless Glass Shower Door

custom shower doors
Installing a glass shower door in your shower area can help give your bathroom a designer styled look. In addition to being functional, the doors can come in a variety of styles that can enhance the overall appearance of you shower area. You can get clear glass doors or doors that are lightly frosted to provide a little more privacy. The doors can also come with different types of trim such as gold or chrome. If you have tiles in your shower area, you can choose a style of shower door that will compliment the look of the tile. You can also purchase custom glass shower doors that can specially designed to match with the decor of your bathroom. You can get an all enclosed glass unit to use in combination with a corner shower unit. You can also choose European style doors or etched glass doors for your shower area. You can also find floor to ceiling frameless doors that create a very unusual and original look to the shower area. You can purchase custom designed doors that have a subtle tint to the glass to enhance the color of the room. In addition to the styles available in a glass shower door, you can also find other glass doors available for specialized bath areas such as spas or steam rooms. Today's contemporary homes are crafted to include contemporary designed bathrooms. Choosing a well designed glass door for your shower will enhance the designer look and feel of the whole bathroom.

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