Shower Door Installation Arizona

Elegant Frameless Glass Shower Doors Add Beauty to Your Bathroom

The bathroom should be one of the most soothing rooms in your house, especially in Arizona. Are you still using bathtub or shower curtain? If yes, get rid of it now and try frameless glass shower door for your bathroom. These doors are a perfect and elegant fit for your bathroom. If you are worried about the space of your bathroom, don’t be. They are made in many different sizes that can fit your bathroom perfectly.

semi frameless shower door

You might be asking what a frameless glass shower door is. This latest bathroom trend is a door made from thick, tempered safety glass. They are often completed by walk in shower enclosures installed with the door to secure the water from spilling to an adjacent room. The door brings elegance to your entire bathroom. You can be artistic with it because there are many different styles and designs that you can choose from.

Looking at the alternatives, a frameless glass shower door in Arizona is your best option. Shower curtains have disadvantages to home owners. They collect mold and mildew and cover up the beauty of your bath. When you go for frameless, the door is nearly invisible, allowing you to show off the beauty of your bath with its magnificent tiles and intricate flooring.

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Frameless glass shower doors were also created to make your common bathroom activities easier. Here are few details about the benefits you can get from frameless glass doors:

– It is easier to clean.
– Materials are longer lasting than common alternatives like shower curtains.
– They are free from mold and mildew.
– They are modern and stylish, adding value to your home.
– The glass is safe and thick.
– It can look as good as new with a simple glass cleaner.

Frameless glass has become an essential tool in adding beauty to homes and bathroom especially. You can choose from many styles and designs for your glass. There are lots of shapes and sizes available.

glass shower walls

Are you now interested in where to find these elegant frameless glass doors? You can find them anywhere in the market now, especially malls that have home décor areas. There, you are likely to find kinds of frameless glass shower doors that will fit your taste and your home. If you are too pressed for time to go out shopping, then you might just sit in front the computer and search for websites that talk about these shower doors. You may find thousands of websites all over the world that offers great deals on glass doors. You can be the next Arizona home owner to reap the benefits of rebuilding, redesigning, and remodeling your home to be as elegant as 5-star hotel bathroom.

Installing Sliding Glass Shower Doors

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Modern technology has allowed many shower door manufacturers to produce doors with glass that you can replace with either clear, patterned, textured, decorative or etched. Frosted glass shower doors are the preferred replacement because they are easy to maintain and repair. A frosted material is transparent enough to allow natural light to filter in but attractively opaque to still give you the complete privacy that you want when showering. Many online retailers are willing to assist you to choose the right shower door that will suit your requirements. Here is an overview of some doors being offered online. Frameless Custom Enclosure from Duschqueen: This door and panel configuration features a 3/8-inch thick frosted glass. This contemporary-style door is constructed of brass and glass. The suggested retail price for this door is $2,000. DreamLine Infinity Shower Door with Frosted Glass: This single sliding frosted glass door brings elegance, textured look and flawless function to your shower room. It features a chrome frame, 25-inch thick frosted glass that is tempered for safety, reversible door opening and adjustable width between 56 inches to 60 inches. The dimensions are 72 inches high by 56 inches to 60 inches in width. This door retails under model number SHTR-1060726-01-FR. Vigo Industries Frameless 48" x 74" Frosted Tempered Glass Sliding Shower Door - VG06041CHMT4874: This sliding door is constructed with plastic and frosted tempered glass. The solid brass hardware is finished in polished chrome. Hardware installation is easy with pre drilled holes. You can buy these shower kits for $1,450.00, a 50 percent discount from the original price of $2,900.00. Frameless Frosted Tempered Glass Corner Shower Enclosure-Brushed Nickel 36x36: This shower enclosure is constructed of high-quality 3/8-inch thick frosted tempered glass. It features brushed nickel door handle, support brackets and hinges, rust-free finish hardware, magnetic catch that is full length for waterproof protection and to allow door adjustment, watertight seal to prevent leaking and reversible right-handed or left-handed door installation. Available sizes are 36 inches by 36 inches and glass height of 73 and 1/3 inches without base. This door with model number VG06011MT-BN-1 is on sale for only $824.00, a savings of $1,676.00 from the list price of $2,500.00. Aqua Shower Door Frosted Glass SHDR-3148586-FR: 48" x 58": This door is available in two configurations, left-wall and right-wall. It comes with 1/4-inch thick tempered frosted glass, finish options of polished brass, white, brushed nickel or chrome, anodized aluminum wall surface with finish choices of brushed nickel, polished brass and chrome. Aqualux Elite Classic Shower Enclosure: This pivot-style door offers extra flexibility with its right hand or left hand opening. You have choices of polished silver or white effect, frosted or clear glass. The dimensions are 760mm, 800mm and 900mm with a standard height of 1850mm.